Revanesse® in Louisville, IN

Fine lines and wrinkles on the face can often be treated using dermal fillers. While there are many options available, we love Revanesse because it offers a unique formulation that can provide beautiful and natural-looking results. This hyaluronic acid filler can correct more substantial wrinkles and volume loss while also providing benefits for more delicate concerns such as fine lines and thinning lips. 

At The Ark Medspa, we offer Revanesse injections at our clinic in New Albany, IN. We specialize in finding the right treatments for each of our patients. We always tailor our services to meet the goals that you have in mind for your areas of concern.

What Is Revanesse? 

Revanesse is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that addresses signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles, and volume loss. It is made from a cross-linked form of hyaluronic acid that can provide very natural-looking results.

When injected, Revanesse fills the space under the skin, making up for lost collagen and fat pads and attracting more water to the area for skin that is fuller and more youthful. It can be used in areas such as the lips, chin, smile lines, and corners of the mouth.

Revanesse Versa™+

Revanesse Versa+ is a treatment that can be ideal for treating many different areas in the lower half of the face. It is a multi-purpose treatment that has a higher concentration of HA particles to provide a more substantial volume to areas that may need a little more help. Revanesse Versa contains lidocaine to help reduce the pinch each time the product is injected. 

Revanesse Lips™+

Revanesse Lips is a lighter product that can be perfect for treating more delicate areas, particularly the lips. The formulation of this Revanesse filler allows for natural movement after injection and will also feel more natural under the skin. This product also contains lidocaine, which can be helpful for increasing comfort in sensitive areas such as the lips.

Treatment Areas for Revanesse

  • Nasolabial Folds: Revanesse can be used to fill in the deep creases that can go from your nose to your mouth, sometimes called nasolabial folds. 
  • Marionette Lines: This product can also be used to fill in the lines that can appear from the corners of your mouth to the chin. This can provide a more youthful contour for the lower face. 
  • Mental Crease: The horizontal or rainbow-shaped line that can appear on the chin is called the mental crease. This area can be treated using Revanesse. 
  • Lips: If you have thin lips, your lips have lost volume due to age, you have lines and wrinkles on your lips, or you have asymmetrical lips, these concerns can all be treated using Revanesse Lips. 
  • Oral Commissures: Oral commissures are the little downturned wrinkles that can appear at the corners of the mouth. By filling these lines using Revanesse, we can give your mouth a lift and make your face look younger. 

What Sets Revanesse Apart? 

Higher Concentration of HA

Revanesse fillers are unique because of their higher concentration of hyaluronic acid. This allows them to provide more substantial improvement in certain areas. This can also help the product last longer than other dermal fillers. However, the longevity of our fillers depends on many other factors, including your body’s metabolism and the injection area. 

Cross-Linked Formulation for Natural-Looking Results

The particles in these facial wrinkle treatments have unique cross-linking technology, meaning that the particles are chemically linked together to make the product much more cohesive. This is beneficial because it can provide a more even distribution of the product, prevent migration, and allow the formula to look as natural as possible. 

Smaller Particle Size for Smoother Injections

Revanesse has particles that are spherical and smaller than many other hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. This allows for the product to be injected much easier and smoother into the skin. It can also contribute to the smooth and natural-looking results that can be achieved with this filler. 

Non-Animal Derived

The hyaluronic acid in Revanesse is non-animal derived. Instead, it is a purified byproduct of a fermentation process. This makes the product suitable for vegans and less likely to cause an allergy. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Revanesse

How Long Does Revanesse Last? 

Depending on where it is injected, Revanesse can last approximately six months after injection. Eventually, your body will metabolize the formulation and you will need to plan additional injections to maintain your results. 

How Is Revanesse Administered?

Revanesse filler is administered through a small syringe. The smoother formulation makes injections much faster and easier. Lidocaine in the product makes each subsequent injection less tender. 

What Will My Results Be Like With Revanesse? 

After your appointment, you will likely notice an immediate improvement in your wrinkles and lack of volume. Revanesse is able to instantly add volume to the skin and reduce signs of aging. It may take a little longer to see the full results of your face wrinkle treatment since it is normal to have a little swelling after your treatment. However, the special formulation of Revanesse often comes with little to no swelling when compared to other products. 

Rejuvenate and Enhance Your Features With Revanesse

Revanesse is a unique filler that we proudly carry at our medspa in New Albany, IN. It could be the right solution for you if you want a non-invasive wrinkle and anti-aging treatment to address your nasolabial folds, smile lines, chin wrinkles, and more. At The Ark Medspa, we offer all of our injections in our state-of-the-art facility in New Albany, IN. You can book an appointment online or call us at (812) 308-3535 to schedule your consultation today.